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The new crown pneumonia epidemic is raging around the world. In Europe, affected by the epidemic, 54 UEFA leagues have been suspended for 55 members. Only the Belarusian Premier League, as the eye-catching "retrograde", carried out the first round of the new season as scheduled on March 19-22 (now 2 rounds have ended). Suddenly, the Belarusian Super League was called the "First League of the World" or "The First Iron League" by various football media. This also made the Belarusian League, which was not too eye-catching in the past, suddenly into the attention of fans.


As of now, Belarus has a total of 152 confirmed cases across the country. There are 104 confirmed cases, one death case, and 47 cured cases. This epidemic is indeed relatively mild compared to the whole of Europe. Therefore, after careful consideration, the Belarusian Football Association decided to start the 2020 season as scheduled and still allow fans to watch the game.


Regarding the practices of other European countries, Belarusian President Lukashenko said that he did not understand: “I don’t understand. There is no virus here. Sports competitions are good for our health, especially sports on ice, better than any antiviral drugs. Well, this is a fact. Belarusians are not as mentally ill as Western Europeans, and no one talks about this virus in our country.” According to the Associated Press, the president who has been in power in Belarus for more than 25 years also came in person. Go to the ice hockey arena and take a group photo with the players.


Earlier, Belarusian Football Association spokesperson Alenik had stated that the start of the Belarusian Super League season was approved by UEFA. Also, don't think that the Belarusian football community doesn't care about the new crown epidemic. There was also a heart-warming scene on the field: the players of the home and away teams put on a unified special white T-shirt before kick-off, with a "Belarus map" pattern printed on the chest, and "WE ARE PLAYING FOR THE WORLD" "(We are playing for the world)".


The newly promoted Belarusian FC Luke Brest described the mood of the club on its official social media: "Today, when the whole world is in trouble, Belarus is the only country in the world that is still playing games. In the first home game of the team's top league, the team decided to support those who are not easy at the moment, and remind everyone in the world that we can deal with any difficulties together and pray with you!" With this emotion, the team The away game defeated the traditional powerhouse Minsk Dynamo 1-0 and broke the biggest upset in the first round of the league.

刚晋升的白俄罗斯足球俱乐部卢克·布雷斯特(FB Luke Brest)在其官方社交媒体上描述了俱乐部的情绪:“如今,当整个世界陷入困境时,白俄罗斯是世界上唯一仍在玩游戏的国家。作为该团队的顶级联赛,该团队决定支持那些目前并不轻松的人,并提醒世界各地的所有人,我们可以一起解决任何困难,并与您一起祈祷!”带着这种情绪,客场比赛以1比0击败了传统强国明斯克迪纳摩队,打破了联赛首轮的最大失误。

In fact, the local fans are cautiously optimistic about the Belarusian Super League's start as scheduled. According to statistics, the total number of live spectators in the first eight games of the new season is only 10,500. Among them, the largest one was 3648 people and the least one was 350 people. The attendance at the scene was actually a bit bleak. Therefore, from another perspective, perhaps this is an important reason why the Belarusian Super League believes that even if the league runs normally, it will not cause too many people to gather, and the overall situation of the league is still relatively safe.


The territory of Belarus is only 207,600 square kilometers. It is a small and unremarkable country among the Soviet republics. It seems to be close to the sea (Baltic Sea), but it is actually a landlocked country. However, because it is adjacent to Russia in the east and north, Ukraine is bordered by Poland, Lithuania and Latvia to the west, and has a high military strategic position. The level of Belarusian football was not considered top in the Soviet republics at the time. After independence, Belarus, although European top stars like the Hleb brothers have emerged, they have never crossed the competition. However, in the friendly match in February this year, the Belarusian national team (ranked 87th in the world) beat Uzbekistan 1-0 (ranked 85th in the world) and beat Bulgaria 1-0 (ranked 59th in the world). , Showing good momentum.

白俄罗斯的领土只有207,600平方公里。在苏维埃共和国中,这是一个很小而平淡的国家。它似乎靠近大海(雷火官网app波罗的海),但实际上是一个内陆国家。但是,由于乌克兰东部和北部与俄罗斯相邻,因此乌克兰与波兰,立陶宛和拉脱维亚接壤,西部具有很高的军事战略地位。白俄罗斯足球的水平在当时还不算是苏维埃共和国的最高水平。独立后,白俄罗斯,尽管像赫莱布兄弟这样的欧洲顶级球星已经出现,但他们从未参加过比赛。但是,在今年2月的友谊赛中,白俄罗斯国家队(世界排名第87)以1-0击败乌兹别克斯坦(世界排名第85),并以1-0击败保加利亚(世界排名第59)。 ,表现出良好的势头。

World rankings of the Belarusian national team


Although the country is small, the Belarusian Super League, established in 1992, still has 16 participating teams, the size of which is comparable to that of the Chinese Super League. Belarusian Super was founded in 1992. Usually from March to December every year, not New Year's Eve, the competition system, schedule and span are also the same as the Chinese Super League. According to UEFA's allocation of places based on the league ranking (25th), the Belarusian Super League has 4 places in the European competition every season. Among them: the league champion goes straight to the UEFA Champions League qualifiers, the second and third places in the league and the cup winners participate in the UEFA Cup qualification. It is not difficult to see that among the 55 UEFA members, the Belarusian Super League ranks in the middle, even higher than Bulgaria (27th), Romania (28th), and Poland (29th), which are more familiar to fans. Bit) league. Therefore, the overall level of the Belarusian Super League is not European, and it can even compete with many leagues.


Belarusian Super League rankings in UEFA


In the Belarusian Super League, the highest-level teams are Borisov Bart, Brest Dynamo, Soligoorsk Shakhtar and Minsk Dynamo. They are called the Belarusian Super League by local media and fans. "Quadrage".

在白俄罗斯超级联赛中,最高级别的球队是鲍里索夫·巴特,布雷斯特·迪纳摩,索里戈戈尔斯克·萨赫塔尔和明斯克·迪纳摩。他们被当地媒体和球迷称为白俄罗斯超级联赛。 “ Quadrage”。

Borisov Bart is a recognized hegemon in the history of the Belarusian Super League and a frequent visitor in the European competition. He has a lot of popularity throughout the European competition. The team once defeated the Bundesliga squad tyrant Bayern Munich upset by the cold weather and the advantage of the host at home, and it also caused a lot of trouble for Arsenal and other teams. Before last season, the team had won the Belarusian Super Championship for 13 consecutive seasons. The most famous star in the team is veteran Hleb. However, this season, 39-year-old Hleb announced his retirement, the team also lost the first game upset, the dominance is facing severe challenges.

鲍里索夫·巴特(Borisov Bart)是白俄罗斯超级联赛历史上公认的霸主,也是欧洲比赛的常客。在整个欧洲比赛中,他享有很高的知名度。球队一度击败了德甲小霸王拜仁慕尼黑,这是由于寒冷的天气和东道主的优势所致,这也给阿森纳和其他球队带来了很多麻烦。在上赛季之前,车队已经连续13个赛季赢得了白俄罗斯超级冠军。球队中最著名的明星是老将赫莱布。但是,这个赛季,39岁的赫莱布宣布退役,这支球队也输掉了首场比赛的沮丧,统治地位面临严峻挑战。

Brest Dynamo was the Belarusian Super Champion last season. Last season, they broke Borisov's 13-year league championship monopoly and wrote a new history. Moreover, in the Belarusian Super Cup held on March 5 this year, the team defeated the Soligoorsk miners 2-0, winning the first championship trophy of the new season, and then successfully advanced to the half in the Belarusian Cup. The final is the best team in the league. It is worth mentioning that the Brest Dynamo team has a foreign aid Sergey Krivitz who used to play for Jiangsu Sainty in the Chinese Super League. Moreover, this season the team also spent a lot of money to introduce last season's Belarusian Super League MVP Bakay from the Soligoorsk miners, and the strength has been further improved.

布列斯特·迪纳摩(Brest Dynamo)是上赛季的白俄罗斯超级冠军。上个赛季,他们打破了鲍里索夫13年的联赛冠军垄断,并写下了新的历史。此外,在今年3月5日举行的白俄罗斯超级杯上,该队2-0击败了Soligoorsk矿工,赢得了新赛季的第一座冠军奖杯,然后成功晋级了白俄罗斯杯的一半。决赛是联盟中最好的球队。值得一提的是,布雷斯特迪纳摩队有一名外援谢尔盖·克里维茨,他曾在中国超级联赛中为江苏舜天效力。此外,本赛季球队还花了很雷火竞技app官网入口多钱从Soligoorsk矿工介绍上赛季的白俄罗斯超级联赛MVP Bakay,实力得到了进一步提高。

Soligoorsk is a Belarusian superpower with an outstanding home record. He finished third last season and won the Belarus Cup last season. To the disadvantage of the team, many cores in the team were poached by the Russian and Ukrainian Super teams this season, and their strength was severely damaged.


Dynamo Minsk is also a traditional strong team. It has won seven league titles and is a force that cannot be ignored. Last season, the team ranked fourth, a large gap with the top three points. Before the start of this season, many football critics were not optimistic about the team's prospects in the semi-finals. An important reason for this is that in terms of the team's overall offensive and defensive balance, the team has more defensive loopholes.


However, in the first round of the Belarus Super League in the new season, none of the above four teams have won (1 draw and 3 losses). Perhaps it also indicates that the Belarusian super-superior carried out during the epidemic is likely to be unpopular. Since the Belarusian Super League is currently the only ongoing league in Europe, it will obviously receive more attention than ever before, which will undoubtedly be of great benefit to the promotion and promotion of the entire league. As long as the impact of the epidemic on the league can be controlled, the "only seedling" of the Belarusian Super League is expected to use this opportunity to further promote its own and even the development of Belarusian football.


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