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   In addition, foreign aid such as Longdong, Mali, Alexandrini, etc. also have their own data. The second stage of the Super League is about to begin, and they will largely determine the fate of each team.




   In the first 14 rounds, Bakambu of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan and Malkao of Hebei China Fortune both scored 11 goals. Malcao played 14 games in the first stage, starting 13 games, totaling 1282 minutes. As he became more adaptable to the Super League this season, coupled with the strong support of Golat behind him, he completely broke out.


   In the total number of shots, Malcao reached 63 times, 13 more than the second-placed Teixeira. The number of shots on target is 27 times, which is also the first in the Super League, which means that 2.45 shots on target can score goals. Other data show that the Brazilian took 38 shots in the penalty area and scored 9 goals, and an average of 4.2 shots in the penalty area would result in a goal. In addition, of the 11 goals Markau scored, 6 were right-footed, ranking third in the Super League, and 4 headers tied with SIPG’s Anautovic for first place.


Malcao scored 11 goals in 10 games. The team has a record of 6 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss, especially in the key battles that impacted the top four (rounds 12 to 14). He scored goals and helped the team. Get the most critical 9 points of the season.


   The Brazilian's comprehensiveness is also reflected in many aspects. In addition to scoring, he averaged 2 successful breakthroughs, 0.6 key passes, and 2 key clearances per game. For him, who is 1.96 meters tall, it is not easy.


   Compared with Markau, Bakambu’s experience is equally inspirational. The former La Liga player may be replaced for a time due to repeated shots and missed key goals last season. In the first 4 rounds at the beginning of the season, he still failed to break the curse with 2 starts and 2 substitutes. Not only did he miss a goal, he still wasted a lot of opportunities.


   then quickly adjusted his Bakambu and began to open the goal account. In terms of overall statistics, he averaged 86.4 minutes per game and scored a goal. In the 8 games he scored, Guoan won 3 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss, and beat Chongqing Dangdai 5-2. He finished his fourth birthday. Even more powerful is that Bacambu also had 5 assists, more than 1 of Malcao, which is equivalent to a goal in 63.4 minutes.


   Bacambu has a total of 32 shots and 18 shots on target, with an average of 2.9 shots and 1.6 shots on target to complete the goal. The efficiency is higher than Malcao. Among his 11 goals, he scored all within the penalty area. He is considered the "king of the penalty area" of the Super League. At the same time, he scored 8 goals with his right foot.




   Among the top 10 players in the first stage scorer list, all are occupied by foreign players. But there is only one non-strike player, Paulinho of Guangzhou Evergrande.


As the starting player in the first 14 rounds of Evergrande, Paulinho scored 9 goals and assists 2 times in 1224 minutes, all of which were sports goals, and the 11 goals made accounted for 35.4% of the team's total goals, an average of 1.6 One shot will be able to score. What’s more rare is that Paulinho’s 9 goals were scored in 9 games, and Evergrande’s record of 8 wins and 1 tie, 4 of which were 2-1 wins, which is equivalent to directly grabbing for the team. 13 points. In the 3-1 victory over Jianye, he even scored a wonderful goal after 1V3 in the penalty area, which was praised by the outside world as a "fairy ball".

作为恒大前14轮的首发球员,保利尼奥在1224分钟内攻入9球并助攻2次,所有这些都是体育进球,而11球入账占球队总进球的35.4%,平均为1.6一杆就能得分。更为罕见的是,鲍里尼奥(Paulinho)的9个进球是在9场比赛中得分的,而恒大(Evergrande)取得了8胜1平的记录,其中4胜2-1了,这相当于直接夺冠。 13分。在3-1击败建业的比赛中,他甚至在禁区1V3后打入一个精彩的进球,外界称赞他为“仙女球”。

  As the Dinghai Shenzhen of Evergrande, Paulinho's role is not only reflected in the offensive end, but also his diligent attitude. In total running distance, he reached 146,988 meters, averaging 10,499 meters per game, ranking third in the Super League. In high-intensity running data, he reached 7709.2 meters, ranking eighth in the Super League. In addition, he averaged 1.4 successful steals per game, 157 touches per game, and a pass success rate of over 88%.


   In addition to Paulinho, many foreign midfielders in the Super League are the core of each team. As a commander, in the first 14 rounds, Dalian's Hamsik all started, missed only 6 minutes of the game, scored 2 goals and 1 assist. In total running distance, he reached 163,603 meters, which was the best in the Super League. In addition, he averaged 1.9 key passes and 1.4 successful steals per game.


   Oscar is the player with the most touches in the first 14 rounds of the Super League, reaching 3274 times, averaging 2712 times per game, and is the undisputed midfield engine. In 12 games, the Brazilian had 5 goals and 8 assists, directly making 13 goals, accounting for 50% of the team's total goals (26 goals).


   In the first 14 rounds of Guoan, Vieira had 3 goals and 3 assists. He has distinct characteristics. His total number of touches reached 3195, second only to Oscar, and the number of passes reached 945, the most in the Super League. Adrian, who has just joined R&F from Chongqing, has 6 goals and 4 assists in 11 appearances. He averaged 176 touches per game and sent 3.1 key passes per game.




   Other foreign players in the Super League, although their positions are different, they all have the same good performance. Dalian's Long Dong is the second most played player in the Chinese Super League, with 1346 minutes, 9 goals and 4 assists, a total running distance of 149,466 meters and an average of 10,683 meters per game. He is among the top 10 players in the Chinese Super League. , The only striker, shows a diligent attitude.

中超联赛中的其他外国球员,尽管他们的位置不同,但他们的表现都一样。大连的龙洞是中国超级联赛中第二大上场球员,他以1346分钟,9个进球和4个助攻的身份,总跑动距离149,466米,平均每场比赛10,683米。他是中国超级联赛的前十名球员之一。 ,唯一的前锋,表现出勤奋的态度。

   Regrettably, of the 9 goals Long Dong scored, only 6 points were scored for the Dalian native, but the Venezuelans also averaged 1.3 clearances and 0.4 critical interceptions per game. His teammate, Swedish player Sam Larsson, although an offensive player, contributed 41 steals in 13 games. This data ranks third in the Super League, better than many defenders.

遗憾的是,在龙洞(Long Dong)攻入的9个进球中,大连人只有6分,但委内瑞拉人平均每场比赛有1.3个进球和0.4个关键拦截。他的队友瑞典选手山姆·拉尔森(Sam Larsson)虽然是进攻队员,但在13场比赛中贡献了41次抢断。该数据在超级联赛中排名第三,比许多后卫都要好。

   Shenzhen Kaisa's Mali won with efficiency, 8 goals in only 608 minutes, every 76 minutes can complete a goal. Shijiazhuang Yongchang's Matthews has excellent skills. He is also the player who has been violated the most in the first stage, reaching 43 times. Alessandrini of Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang has amazing left-foot ability. He scored all 7 goals with his left foot; SIPG's Lopez is the player with the most single-handed goals, with 4 goals.

深圳凯萨的马里仅608分钟就获得了8个进球,每76分钟可以完成一个进球。石家庄永昌的马修斯精湛的技术。他还是第一阶段被侵犯最多的球员,达到了43次。青岛黄海青港的亚历山德里尼具有惊人的左脚能力。他的左脚打进了全部7个进球; SIPG的洛佩兹是单手进球最多的球员,有4个进球。

  The second stage of the Chinese Super League is about to start. As a group of 16 outstanding foreign aid teams, I believe the next game will be more exciting and intense! (Ye Gong)

中国超级联赛的第二阶段即将开始。作为一支由16个优秀外援组成的团队,我相信下一场比赛将会更加刺激和激烈! (叶恭)

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