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   From the opening game on July 25th to the end of the first phase on September 28th, 16 teams in the Super League this season have completed a total of 112 games in 14 rounds in the Dalian and Suzhou divisions in the only feasible way.


Affected by the global new crown pneumonia epidemic, these 66 days have become the most tormented period in Chinese football history. Thousands of people including players, coaches, club staff, competition area staff, match broadcasters, and multi-departmental security personnel have been closed for a long time. In the core area, for the fans and spectators who can't reach the scene, we have jointly dedicated the most popular local top league in China this season;



   Time went back to the day before the opening game. On July 24, the Dalian Municipal Government notified the city of 9 new confirmed cases of new crown and 27 cases of asymptomatic infection. Dalian's epidemic prevention and control measures were immediately upgraded. "Whether the Dalian competition can start as planned" must be evaluated by the relevant epidemic prevention departments-a Dalian competition staff told reporters after a month that "I still can't think about how the two days came." —On the afternoon of the 24th, the Dalian Municipal Government held a press conference stating that the Chinese Super League has completed all preparations in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention and control measures, and the opening game of the league will be held on time. Dalian Deputy Mayor Zhang Zhihong went to the hotel designated by the media to express his condolences. The Chinese Super League reporters who encountered the epidemic immediately after Dalian reminded reporters to strengthen their awareness of prevention and control, and said that the Dalian Super League has enough reliable prevention and control plans to ensure the progress of the league.

时间回到了开幕赛的前一天。 7月24日,大连市政府通知全市9例新确诊的新皇冠病例和27例无症状感染病例。大连市的防疫措施立即升级。 “大连比赛是否能按计划开始”必须由防疫部门进行评估。一个大连比赛的工作人员在一个月后告诉记者,“我仍然不知道这两天是怎么来的。” — 24日下午,大连市政府召开新闻发布会,宣布中国超级联赛已严格按照防疫措施做好一切准备工作,并将按时举行联赛开幕式。大连市副市长张志宏到媒体指定的旅馆表示慰问。在大连发生疫情的中国中超记者立即提醒记者要加强防控意识,并表示大连中超有足够可靠的防控计划来保证同盟的发展。

   Therefore, the significance of the successful completion of the first stage of the Chinese Super League is far beyond the "League" itself.


The Chinese Super League is under tremendous pressure and risks to start the game. One is to respond to the country's call for orderly resumption of work and production, and to provide job opportunities for relevant practitioners in the "football industry chain"; the other is to help players find and maintain the state of the game for the next national name. The team has "someone available" and "someone can use"; the third is to enrich the amateur cultural life of tens of millions of fans-the domestic epidemic prevention and control battle has achieved major strategic results in late June, and the national epidemic prevention and control situation is improving. As the most influential top sports league in China, the Chinese Super League has no reason to shy away from it under such circumstances.


This season, the Chinese Super League adheres to the principle of “epidemic prevention first, competition second”, and the core closed area (blue area) of the competition area is striving to be completely isolated from the outside world. Taking the Dalian competition area as an example, the staff found that there was transportation after the team entered the competition area. Because the player’s club bus does not have an ETC (electronic toll collection system) installed in the vehicle, it needs to be in contact with the outside world through an artificial channel. The coordinator urgently contacts relevant departments to send staff to go through nucleic acid testing and corresponding isolation measures to install ETC devices for the club bus. Life, training and competition in the core competition area form a "completely closed loop".


Another example is the express channel opened to alleviate the psychological pressure of people in closed areas. It also includes 13 types of "prohibited" items including fresh food, quick-frozen, aquatic products, takeaway, alcohol, vegetables, and canned food. The "two kills within 4 hours" rule is precisely such meticulous control measures that prevent the first stage of the Chinese Super League from stepping on the red line of epidemic prevention.

另一个例子是开放的快速通道,以缓解封闭地区人们的心理压力。它还包括13种“禁止”物品,包括新鲜食品,速冻,水产品,外卖食品,酒精,蔬菜和罐头食品。 “四小时之内两次杀戮”的规则正是这种细致的控制措施,阻止了中国超级联赛第一阶段迈入防疫红线。

It is precisely because of the extreme responsibility of the relevant personnel that the league "orderly open spectator stands" in the 9th and 10th rounds in early September, meeting the regulations of epidemic prevention and control measures, successively ushered in hundreds of live spectators-according to The reporter understands that the epidemic prevention measures of the Chinese Super League in the second phase will not change much compared with the first phase. The epidemic prevention departments of the two competition regions will review the final plan.




Due to the intensive competition due to the competition system, "controversial judgments" have become an unavoidable technical topic in the first stage of the Super League-the level of Chinese football referees is in line with the overall level of Chinese football, and fans do not expect a perfect match that can make people "ignore referees" Games, but especially in the second half of the first stage of the league, the number and frequency of major disputes and penalties has seriously affected the mood of fans.


   In previous seasons, the Chinese Football Association arranged for foreign referees to enforce the law in key league matches and key matches in order to minimize "conspiracy theories". Last season, the Referee Committee of the Chinese Football Association launched the first batch of "professional referees" (Ma Ning, Fu Ming, and Zhang Lei three local referees and Mariqi and Kratenberg two foreign referees), so that Chinese football referees can become professional referees. Advancement.


   However, foreign referees are not allowed to come to the Super League for enforcement due to policy restrictions this season. The local golden whistle and famous whistle are under tremendous pressure in high-density and high-intensity matches. The reporter from Xinhua News Agency stationed in the closed competition area interviewed the person in charge of the referee team in the Suzhou competition area on September 27-the 13th round of refereeing business summary meeting was held in the blue area this morning, and the dispute judgment case will be submitted to the review group composed of 7 retired experts After voting, the referee will be determined to be a wrong or missed judgment. The referee will be handled internally by the Chinese Football Association. “Generally, wrong or missed judgments will be suspended for 1 to 3 games, and serious wrong or missed judgments will be suspended for 4 to 8 games, which is so serious that it affects the final of the league. The ranking penalty will be suspended for the entire season",

但是,由于本赛季的政策限制,外国裁判不允许进入超级联赛进行执法。在高密度和高强度的比赛中,当地的金哨和著名的哨声承受着巨大的压力。新华社驻封闭比赛区的记者于9月27日在苏州比赛区裁判团负责人进行了采访。第十三轮裁判业务总结会今天上午在蓝区举行,争议裁决案件将提交给由7名退休专家组成的审查小组。投票后,裁判将被判定为错误或遗漏的裁判。裁判将由中国足协内部处理。 “通常,错误或遗漏的判断将被暂停1至3场比赛,严重错误或遗漏的判断将被暂停4至8场比赛,这非常严重,以至影响到联赛的决赛。排名罚款将在整个赛季暂停”,

According to the person in charge of the refereeing team, the selection of referees has been carefully studied and decided by the Refereeing Committee of the Chinese Football Association and the Refereeing Department. The referees only know the number of matches they will be judged on the day of the game. Progress, but the ideological level is reliable."


   In fact, compared with players who play 3 days or even 4 days, referees consume more energy and energy. The referees in the Suzhou Division are understaffed. The 21 referees face 4 games a day only by "turning around" in order to ensure the running of the game. "Lines referees playing two games in a row" has also appeared-of course this is not an excuse for the referee to make major disputes and penalties. , But it is a true portrayal of the predicament of domestic referees.

实际上,与玩3天甚至4天的球员相比,裁判消耗更多的精力和精力。苏州分区的裁判员不足。 21名裁判每天仅通过“转身”来面对4场比赛,以确保比赛的进行。还出现了“让裁判连续打两场比赛”,这当然不是裁判提出重大争议和罚款的借口。 ,但这是对国内裁判员困境的真实写照。



On September 27th, the Chinese Football Association announced the second stage of this season’s Super League schedule. The eight teams in the championship group and the relegation group will respectively complete the "closed game" in the two divisions of Suzhou and Dalian. From October 16th to November 12th.


The biggest difference from the first stage of the league is that all games in the second stage adopt a two-round cross-elimination system. The winner advances, and the loser performs qualifying. This means that each team must complete 6 in the second stage. In a game, the championship team can't make any mistakes, and the relegation team theoretically can "go ashore" as long as they avoid entering the final round of the real relegation battle.


In fact, the difficulty of relegation in the Super League this year has been much smaller than in previous normal seasons (the 2 relegation quotas in previous years have been reduced to 1.5 this season), but the sensitivity of the game has continued to increase-half of the championship teams will naturally suffer Cases arise when unfair treatment occurs. The small and medium-sized clubs where the relegation team only wants to stay in the Super League are not easy to provoke. In the final analysis, the less "controversial penalties" the better, and the local referees will undergo unprecedented tests in this special period.


   Beijing, September 28, by wire


   China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Guo Jian Source: China Youth Daily


   September 29, 2020 05 Edition


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