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雷火官网app|预赛第一进不了决赛 体测为何成名将“拦路虎”?

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The long-awaited National Swimming Championships of swimming fans finally kicked off last night. This is the first official swimming competition after 8 months. However, the focus of the outside world is on the previous physical fitness test. Achievement as one of the criteria for determining who can enter the swimming competition finals is the first time ever. around


Zhao Liangchen (hereinafter referred to as Zhao): The physical test has finally been upgraded from a training session to an "examination" subject. What proportion does it occupy in this championship?


Wei Chaoran (hereinafter referred to as Wei): The physical performance of this swimming competition is very important-although the final champion cannot be determined, the top 8 finalists are ranked according to the physical fitness test. The specific rules are:


Zhao: In terms of promotion alone, if you have reached the top 16 in the preliminaries, the swimming performance is not important, the physical test results are important. I originally thought the physical test was just the first threshold. After the physical test, everyone still has to see the truth in the swimming lane.


Wei: For example, even if you are the first in swimming, as long as your physical fitness cannot exceed half of the 16 preliminaries, you will not even be able to reach the finals. This rule is actually a test of famous players. Originally, they had no competitors in domestic competitions. It is commonplace to take first place and second place. But in this way, whether or not they can enter the finals are all two things, so famous players rarely appear in this competition. I am very nervous, and I am very serious about physical fitness tests. On the contrary, those athletes with average grades but in good physical condition may have the advantage and will be more relaxed in comparison.


Zhao: In the preliminaries last night, the famous player was eliminated by the new rules! The first event was the men's 50-meter freestyle. Yu Hexin swam in 21.79, breaking the national record of 21.91 set by Ning Zetao in the 2013 National Games. However, he ranked 9th because of his physical fitness ranking. , Just missed the final.

赵:昨晚的预赛中,这位著名球员被新规则淘汰!第一项赛事是男子50米自由泳。于和欣以21.79的速度游泳,打破了宁泽涛在2013年全运会上创下的21.91的全国纪录。但是,由于身体健康排名,他排名第9。 ,只是错过了决赛。

Wei: The Chinese Swimming Association closed the door. It was not until the beginning of the preliminaries last night that the athletes' physical performance were announced. According to the results, who entered the finals was judged. Yu Hexin became the first person to eat crabs...no, he was "bitten" by crabs. Fortunately, his results have reached the Olympic A standard.


Zhao: Fu Yuanhui, the "fantastic girl", swam 59.48 seconds in the women’s 100m backstroke preliminaries last night. She was the only player to swim within the 1-point mark, but she ranked 11th among the 16 players in physical test results. Enter the finals. The "power of the wild" is not enough!

赵:“梦幻般的女孩”傅媛慧昨晚在女子100m仰泳预赛中游出59.48秒。她是唯一一位在1分以下游泳的选手,但在体格测试结果上,她在16位选手中排名第11位。输入决赛。 “野性的力量”还不够!

Wei: She may have had a hunch... Judging from the reactions of the famous generals after the test, the 3000m is the most difficult of them, and it is also the most "spitting out" project, the most mentioned and the most impressive project, Fu Yuanhui I "ridiculed" herself on Weibo before, "Unexpectedly, Fu Yuanyuan (what she calls herself) will have


Zhao: I feel that the 3000m has been "targeted", haha! It may be because of other items-vertical jump height test, 30-meter sprint running timing test, maximum pull-up test, trunk core strength test (4 positions)-everyone usually involves them, but endurance is not all The swimmers all need special practice.


Wei: I feel the same. Taking the 50-meter freestyle as an example, such a short distance can actually be swam down basically by the explosive power of the athlete, and endurance does not play much role. Everyone's physical characteristics are different. Some people are born with poor endurance, but have good explosive power. If they are allowed to spend a lot of effort to make up for their shortcomings and reduce the training time for their superior abilities, will they be positive for the final results?


Zhao: At present, the full score of each item is 10 points, including core strength, endurance, explosive power and other dimensions. Although athletes in different events intuitively feel that the requirements for each dimension should be different, I have also noticed that after entering the finals, their physical performance "stands aside" and is no longer included in the ranking criteria. Moreover, whether to enter the finals does not affect the athletes' Olympic A-mark results. Generally speaking, it is relatively loose.


Wei: Yes, it is true that the physical fitness test does not rank in the top 8. It shows that there are obvious physical shortcomings. After all, modern sports competitions often need to persist until the last minute to fight for victory and defeat, and adequate physical fitness is the most powerful support for athletes to perform at critical moments. The physical fitness test not only exercises the willpower of the athletes, but also improves their physical fitness. Like Ye Shiwen, he ran the 3000 meters for more than 13 minutes for the first time, and it took only 12 minutes to take the physical test, which was an improvement of more than 1 minute. The results are remarkable. , Her endurance must have been enhanced, and she passed the competition easily.

魏:是的,身体健康测试确实没有排在前8名。这表明存在明显的身体缺陷。毕竟,现代体育竞赛通常需要持续到最后一刻才能为胜利和失败而战,而充分的身体素质是运动员在关键时刻表现的最有力支持。身体素质测试不仅锻炼了运动员的意志力,而且提高了他们的身体素质。像叶世文一样,他第一次跑3000米跑了13分钟以上,而体检只花了12分钟,比1分钟多了。结果是惊人的。 ,她的耐力必定得到提高,并且轻松通过了比赛。

Zhao: The physical fitness test has become "Subject One". There is also a general background that many competitions have been closed this year. The athletes have irregular training and lack of actual combat tests. Therefore, it is more necessary to pass the rules to guide the athletes to maintain their physical fitness.


Wei: From the interview, everyone is generally more optimistic, an attitude of acceptance and understanding. People who are more confident like Wang Shun and Xu Jiayu, Wang Shun scored 49 points in physical fitness, which was only 1 point short of full marks. He immediately announced his "official announcement" on Weibo, which attracted a lot of praise. Guangdong star Liu Xiang also has a similar understanding, "I think swimming and physical fitness are inseparable." Although she thinks 3000 meters is a bit difficult, she said she is still happy to overcome it.


Zhao: It seems that fighting for the championship is like learning from the West. It takes ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties. The little white dragon also has to get out of the water and live a "white dragon horse" life on land...


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