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   This year the Lakers finally won the 17th championship in team history, which also allowed them to tie the Celtics and tied for the team with the most championships in NBA history. "CBS Sports" reporter Colin Ward-Henninger wrote an article to rank the 17 championship lineups in the history of the Lakers. The Lakers in the 2019-20 season were ranked sixth.

今年,湖人队终于赢得了球队历史上的第17个冠军,这也使他们能够与凯尔特人队并列联盟历史上冠军最多的球队。 “ CBS体育”记者科林·沃德·亨宁格(Colin Ward-Henninger)撰写了一篇文章,对湖人队历史上的17个冠军阵容进行排名。 2019-20赛季的湖人排名第六。

  17-13: Minneapolis era (1948-49, 1949-50, 1951-52, 1952-53, 1953-54)


   Under the leadership of Hall of Fame superstar McCann, the Lakers during this period dominated the early NBA, winning 5 championships in 6 seasons. However, because the NBA games at that time were quite different from what we see now, these champion teams all shot less than 40% in the regular season, and never scored more than 86 points in a single game. The playoffs did not introduce high-level data. This makes it basically impossible to compare the Lakers in this period with other periods.


  12, 1987-88 season (15 wins and 9 losses in the playoffs, net efficiency rating: +2.7)


   As the last championship team in the Showtime era, the Lakers won 62 games in the regular season. After sweeping the Spurs in the first round, they played 7 games in 3 consecutive rounds. If it hadn't been for the G6 "Smiling Assassin" Isaiah Thomas' ankle injury in the finals, the Lakers might have passed the championship. Worthy won the Finals MVP with 36 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists in the finals tiebreaker, but the Lakers dynasty is coming to an end, this Lakers is not overwhelming compared to other Lakers championship lineups.


  11, 1999-00 season (15 wins and 8 losses in the playoffs, net efficiency value +2.6)


   This is the first of the triple crowns won by the OK combination. The Lakers eliminated the Kings 3-2 in the first round and encountered a powerful Trailblazer in the Western Conference Finals. They launched a Jedi counterattack after being 15 points behind in the fourth quarter of the tie-break, and the game was finally recorded in history. O'Neal was a monster in the Finals that year, averaging 38 points, 16.7 rebounds and 2.7 blocks per game, but Kobe has not yet become the player he wants to be. Among the 16 teams in the playoffs that year, the Lakers only ranked 13th in defensive efficiency.


  10, 2009-10 season (16 wins and 7 losses in the playoffs, net efficiency value +4.2)


   This is the second championship won by Kobe and Gasol. Before encountering the Greens in the Finals, the Lakers hardly encountered any resistance and achieved 12 wins and 4 losses. In the unfavorable situation of 2-3 behind in the finals, the Lakers struggled to drag the series into the tie-break and defeat the Celtics. The Lakers ranked 4th in offensive efficiency and 7th in defensive efficiency in the playoffs that year, but their 16-7 record is still not on par with other teams on this list.


   9, 2001-02 season (15 wins and 4 losses in the playoffs, net efficiency +4.1)


   The Lakers lost only 4 games in the 2002 playoffs, and 3 games were lost to the Kings in the Western Conference Finals. In the Finals, the Lakers swept the Nets 4-0. The Western Conference finals that year was an epic level, and the Kings fans are still unable to let go of the punishment that year. O'Neal and Kobe are the pillars of the Lakers, and it's the last time they won the championship together. But the controversial Western Conference finals affected the Lakers' rankings.


   8, 1979-80 season (12 wins and 4 losses in the playoffs, net efficiency +4.2)


   As a rookie, the Magician averaged a triple-double in the playoffs (18.3 points, 10.5 rebounds and 9.4 assists). Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played bravely in the Finals against the 76ers, averaging 33.4 points, 13.6 rebounds and 4.6 blocks per game. However, he was forced to miss G6 due to an ankle injury. This allowed the Magic to play his first masterpiece in the NBA, in G6. Switched to center, scored 42 points and 15 rebounds, and was elected the finals MVP.

作为一名新秀,魔术师在季后赛场均得到三双(18.3分,10.5个篮板和9.4次助攻)。贾巴尔(Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)在决赛对阵76人队时表现出色,平均每场33.4分,13.6个篮板和4.6盖帽。然而,由于脚踝受伤,他被迫错过了G6。这使魔术队在G6比赛中打出了他在NBA的第一场杰作。转为中锋,得到42分和15个篮板,并当选总决赛MVP。

   7, 2008-09 season (16 wins and 7 losses in the playoffs, net efficiency value +7.9)


   In the playoffs that year, except for being dragged into a tie-break in the second round of the Western Conference, the Lakers had almost no opponents. Kobe, Gasol and Odom were all at their peak, and their defensive efficiency (103.5) ranked sixth in the league. After losing to the Greens in the previous year's finals, the Lakers finally won the championship, which is also Kobe's first championship after leaving O'Neal.


   6, 2019-20 season (16 wins and 5 losses in the playoffs, net efficiency value +6.9)


  Considering the particularity of the quarter-finals, I don't know how people will think of this Lakers in the future, but the combination of Zhan Mei is definitely comparable to the combination of OK, Magic and Jabbar. The Lakers are very dominant, and what really sets them behind other championship teams is the lack of depth. In addition to Pope, Rondo, Kuzma, Danny Green and Caruso still have a gap with the role players of other championship teams on this list.


   5, 1981-82 season (12 wins and 2 losses in the playoffs, net efficiency value +5.9)


   In terms of the depth of the lineup, this Lakers coached by the new coach Riley is in stark contrast to this year's Lakers. In the playoffs that year, the Lakers averaged 12 points per game with 6 players, and 5 players averaged over 16.7 points per game. They advanced all the way, and only suffered their first defeat in the finals. In the end, the Magician who won the Finals MVP was only the fifth scorer in the team. One can imagine how terrifying the Lakers are.


  4, 1971-72 season (12 wins and 3 losses in the playoffs, net efficiency value +3.2)


   The Lakers this season still maintained an NBA record of 33 consecutive victories and the third highest winning percentage in the regular season. Led by veterans Jerry West and Chamberlain, as well as leading scorer Goodrich, they defeated the defending champion Bucks led by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the Knicks with 6 Hall of Fame members in the playoffs. The team is full of dominance, but the peak period of West and Chamberlain has passed and they cannot be ranked further.

本赛季湖人仍然保持NBA连续33场胜利的记录,并且是常规赛第三高的获胜率。在季后赛中,他们由老将杰里·韦斯特(Jerry West)和张伯伦(Chamberlain)以及领先的得分手古德里奇(Goodrich)带领,击败了由贾里布·阿卜杜勒·贾巴尔(Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)和尼克斯(Knicks)带领的卫冕冠军雄鹿队。球队支配了统治力,但韦斯特和张伯伦的巅峰时期已经过去,他们无法排名更高。

  3, 1984-85 season (15 wins and 4 losses in the playoffs, net efficiency value +9.4)


   The Lakers this season are one of the best teams in NBA history. Under the leadership of Magic, seven players on the team averaged double figures in the playoffs. Magic also turned in an amazing 15.2 assists per game in the playoffs. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar also won the finals at the age of 38. MVP. More importantly, the Lakers finally defeated the Celtics in the Finals, even if they ranked first is undisputed.

本赛季湖人是NBA历史上最好的球队之一。在魔术队的领导下,球队的七名球员在季后赛中平均双位数。魔术在季后赛中场均贡献了惊人的15.2助攻。 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar也在38岁时赢得了决赛。MVP。更重要的是,湖人队最终在总决赛中击败了凯尔特人队,即使他们排名第一也无可争议。

  2, 1986-87 season (15 wins and 3 losses in the playoffs, net efficiency value of +11.3)


   Magician is in full swing this season, 39-year-old Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is old and strong, Worthy, Byron Scott and A.C. -Green and others are emerging. The Lakers won 65 wins that season, played dominance in the playoffs, and beat the Celtics 4-2 in the finals. The Magic averaged 26.3 points, 13 assists and 8 rebounds per game and won the final MVP of his career.

魔术师本赛季如火如荼,现年39岁的贾巴尔(Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)又老又壮,沃西(Worthy),拜伦·斯科特(Byron Scott)和A.C.-格林(Green)等人正在崛起。湖人那个赛季赢得了65场胜利,在季后赛中独领风骚,并在决赛中以4-2击败凯尔特人队。魔术平均每场比赛得到26.3分,13次助攻和8个篮板,并赢得了他职业生涯的最后MVP。

  1, 2000-01 season (15 wins and 1 loss in playoffs, net efficiency value +13.7)


   The Lakers this season are the most dominant team in the playoffs in NBA history, with a 93.8% win rate second only to the 2017 Warriors. If Iverson had not won the G1 finals, the Lakers would likely become the only team in NBA history to win the playoffs. The OK combination averaged approximately 60 points per game in the playoffs. Although the regular season record is not as good as some of the other teams on this list, they are still worthy of the greatest playoff team in NBA history.

本赛季雷火官网app湖人队是NBA历史上季后赛中最具统治力的球队,他们的93.8%的胜率仅次于2017年勇士队。如果艾弗森没有赢得G1决赛,那么湖人很可能成为NBA历史上唯一一支获得季后赛冠军的球队。 OK组合在季后赛中平均每场大约60分。尽管常规赛的战绩不及该名单上的其他球队,但他们仍然值得NBA历史上最伟大的季后赛球队。



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