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In 76 days, from the lockdown to the restart, some people won an uphill battle, and some stayed yesterday.


When it all just started, we only said that it was commonplace.


On the New Year's Eve (January 17), Fa Xiao, who worked in Wuhan, returned to his hometown. Friends who grew up together joked with him in the group: "My mom said, I didn't let us party with you years ago."


Fa Xiao replied: "Hurt, even my own mother doesn't eat at the same table with me."

Fa Xiao回答:“很疼,即使我自己的母亲也没有和我在同一张桌子上吃饭。”

That was probably the last day I could view the epidemic with a relaxed mind. A day later, Zhong Nanshan and the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission arrived in Wuhan; on January 20, Zhong Lao said when he was connected to CCTV, "it is certain that there has been a phenomenon that has been transmitted from person to person"; on January 23, Wuhan closed the city.

那大概是最后一天,我可以轻松地看待这一流行病。一天后,钟南山和国家卫生委员会高级专家组抵达武汉。 1月20日,钟老表示与中央电视台建立联系时,“肯定有一种现象在人与人之间传播”; 1月23日,武汉关闭了这座城市。

Even if we are not in Wuhan, we deeply feel the weight of the word "closed city". The thoroughfare of nine provinces, the largest transportation hub in Central China, with a population of tens of millions, and access routes extending in all directions closed the gates on the same day...


"Seal a city and protect a country's people", at that time we could not fully understand the meaning of these eight words.


A heavy New Year's Eve.


Although the dumplings on the table and the chickens, ducks, fish and pigs on the table are no different from previous years, although my province has not yet felt particularly strong measures, everyone already knows the severity of the epidemic. The adult father gradually completed the transition from "passive wearing a mask" to "active wearing a mask" to "I'll buy a few oranges, and you should not walk around at home"-when he feels danger, the child does not care how old he He has children in his eyes.


At the beginning of the Lunar New Year, the family cancelled various group worship activities, and after hoarding a wave of goods, they officially began to squat at home. I heard the call of the head of the Henan hardcore village. The most popular live broadcasts were the construction of Huoshen Mountain, which started on January 24, and the construction of Thunder Mountain, which started on January 26. On the side of the screen is the barrage of "Little Yellow Forklift, the Pillar of the Country", and on the other side of the screen are the workers and the first batch of doctors who helped Hubei. Although the words are clichés, there are really countless people who are walking retrograde, walking slowly, and carrying heavy loads for us.


On the third day of the Lunar New Year on January 26, the National Health Commission announced at a press conference that the incubation period of the virus was about 10 days. The longest incubation period was 14 days, and the incubation period was infectious.


Since then, 14 days have become a new symbol.


The Spring Festival holiday has been extended, the resumption of school and work has been postponed. Every day, holding a mobile phone to receive social media information explosion, and then the mood has become an infinite parabola. In the last second, I felt “love in the world, tears filled my eyes”, and in the next second I felt “one square inch, full of ridiculous papers”. A lot of information is difficult to distinguish between true and false, but we all know that Wuhan is difficult.


On January 28, the World Health Organization issued a new coronavirus epidemic report: The outbreak in Wuhan, China poses a "high risk" to the world, and then successive countries have suspended flights to China. On January 29, cases were confirmed in 31 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country, as well as Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions. The nationwide fight against the epidemic is inevitable. Our country is also difficult.

1月28日,世界卫生组织发布了新的冠状病毒流行报告:在中国武汉爆发的禽流感对世界构成了“高风险”,随后又有一些国家暂停了飞往中国的航班。 1月29日,在全国31个省,市,自治区以及香港,澳门和台湾地区确认了病例。在全国范围内与流行病作斗争是不可避免的。我们的国家也很困难。

Holding the instant noodles in my hand, I worry about the whole world, painful for every bit, and moved by every bit.


This is our own country. If you don't love her, who do you love?


In February, the community began to be closed, although the city has not yet confirmed cases. The uncle at the door took the reading glasses to register and take the temperature of every resident who came in and out. The staff in the community said that they had not rested for ten consecutive days. When a friend of the police was on duty at the highway junction, he took a selfie and he was thin. At least ten catties.


A fellow Shandong villager who was transporting vegetables to Wuhan was interviewed by reporters while chewing pancakes.


"What do you think of the family in Wuhan this time?"


"Well, I'm very happy."


"All are very supportive, why?"


"Because there is no money to contribute, right."


Friends who still stay in Wuhan told me that the supermarket reserves are good, but beds are hard to find.


"At least... Will it be better after Vulcan Mountain is activated?"


Facts have proved that I think of this epidemic too simply.


Chinese and foreign students have bought out masks and protective clothing all over the world, and batches of doctors are still arriving in Wuhan. However, Wuhan residents who are in quarantine at home continue to make calls for help.


On February 5, the first square cabin hospital rebuilt by Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center was officially opened. The treatment of mild illnesses and the decline in new diagnoses outside Wuhan seem to convey some good news, and the reading brothers and square dancers in the cabin are also calming people's hearts. As a result, people outside Hubei started various self-entertainment and national chef actions. Every family has pastry chefs and everyone can make cold skins. What everyone has to do is to continue to persevere and get rid of these suffocating viruses. When we were lying in bed and reading Weibo and Moments of friends and preparing to fall asleep, a message popped out...


Doctor Li Wenliang passed away.

doctor l i wen两passed away.

He is an ordinary person just like us. I like electronic equipment, I like to watch "Celebrating the New Year", I like skewers, I like beef noodles, I will forward the lottery, I will feel that life is not easy, I will compare the difference between the two brands of chicken legs, and I will also say "I am too tired to do it, how can I On duty for three days in a row"... Flesh and flesh, love life, ordinary like you and me, do not want to be a hero at all.


It was the saddest day during the epidemic. The belief that I had never thought about before and has not been shaken collapsed for a moment, and I was dare not to read all kinds of information all day long, and it was evening when I turned on the phone again. Looking at each other quietly, the west wind is cool, and the setting sun is everywhere.


He praised the fried chicken drumsticks made by "Xu Dasao", so "Xu Dasao" bought the chicken drumsticks, marinated them, covered them with bread crumbs, deep-fried them in the pan, set them up in the pan, and the two plates were facing each other. Peel the garlic for him.


That was the first day that Dr. Li Wenliang left.


The next day is the Lantern Festival.


The rushing troops are here.


16 provinces support cities outside Wuhan, and one province covers one city. There are moving styles, there are 13 Taibao styles, and countless supplies follow. 30 tons of potatoes from Inner Mongolia, 130 tons of Chinese cabbage from Liaoning, 90 tons of lotus root from Guangdong, 50 tons of yak meat from Tibet, rice train from Heilongjiang...


Sichuan Yaan donated 50 tons of Ercai. Netizens in Hubei expressed their gratitude, but they have never seen Ercai and don't know how to eat it. Sichuan netizens went crazy and immediately taught online how to eat food.


Shandong sent thousands of tons of vegetables to Hubei, and said: Don’t be afraid of not enough, they all grow in the ground, even if the big cherries are not ripe, or the big cherries will also be arranged for you.


——After February 14, the growth curve of daily cases in Wuhan began to slow down.


——After February 19, the number of new cases in Wuhan dropped to triple digits every day.


——On March 1, Wuhan's first shelter hospital was "closed".


Qi said without clothes, with the same robe with his son.


The changes in the world over the past month are more obvious to fans than others.


On March 10, Serie A was suspended;


On March 11, 8 newly confirmed cases in Wuhan dropped to single digits for the first time;


On March 13, Ligue 1 was closed;


On March 17, UEFA announced the postponement of the 2020 European Cup;


On March 19, the number of new local confirmed cases in mainland China was zero for the first time, and the Premier League was suspended;


On March 20th, Wuhan City carried out a complete elimination of the railway station that had been closed for 58 days;


On March 23, Wuhan City carried out a complete elimination of subway stations, and La Liga was suspended;


On March 24, the Bundesliga was suspended;


On March 25, Wuhan City carried out a total elimination of buses;


On March 28, Wuhan Metro resumed operations;


On March 29, the railway access to Han was opened;


On April 3, Wuhan City carried out a complete killing of Tianhe Airport.


Wuhan began to move toward stability and order, and the world began to climb in numbers.


We are already familiar with online office work, the city has begun to resume work in an all-round way, and the world's slogan of "nailing" has gradually become a reality. A friend said that she has actually become accustomed to online lessons with her younger brother's upper body school uniform and lower body pants.


We seem to have time to visit other people's homes. Familiar plot, familiar growth curve, the cousin studying abroad began to find flights back home all over the world-transfer to Dubai, transfer to Bangkok, transfer to Seoul, the whole family has a map of the world in their minds, planning every possibility The Eurasian Land Bridge home. With more and more imported cases and fewer and fewer routes, the cousin finally decided to stock up on supplies for half a month and stay still. I used ems to send 100 masks at home, after all, there are no restrictions on purchases in China.


Then, when I feel that I have begun to forget something...


At 10 o'clock on April 4, pedestrians stopped, vehicles whistle, and the five-star red flag at half-mast. Even if you don't know any of them, you will feel like crying at that moment.


42,000 white-clothed warriors, tens of thousands of builders of Vulcan Mountain and Leishen Mountain, courier brothers, transport drivers, community workers with drug purchase bags on their bodies, volunteers who spontaneously organize to pick up and drop off doctors, were stranded in Wuhan by accident Ordinary people in, and thousands of citizens of Wuhan... finally waited for this moment.


At 0:00 on April 8, the Jianghan Pass bell rang, the lights were on, and the road passed, 76 days and nights, keeping the clouds and the moon bright.


Looking back, there is too much sadness and emotion, and too much unforgettable, but we have finally reached a new starting point-Wuhan people can come out, we can go to Wuhan, listen to the bell tower ringing, and watch the lights of the two rivers and three towns Light up together, continue walking along the clock tower, go to Wuhan Pass to buy a 1.5 yuan river crossing ticket, sit on the bow of the river, and the place to disembark is the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge.


The mountains and rivers are far and wide, and there are fireworks in the world.


Across the bridge, the Yellow Crane Tower is in front.


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