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On the evening of October 16, the Guangzhou Evergrande team ushered in the first match of the 2020 Super League Championship group. The opponent is Hebei Huaxia Fortune. Unexpectedly, the first championship match was so thrilling: With the Evergrande team falling behind by one goal in half, with the bold adjustments of head coach Cannavaro, it finally achieved a big reversal and competed for the next championship. The road has made a good start.






In this campaign, the author went to the Kunshan Sports Center to watch the game. You know, in such a special year, watching the game on the spot brought a strong sense of happiness to the author. Although there was a drizzle on the scene of the game, the rain was not heavy and the temperature was just right, which is very suitable for the players of both sides. The author has observed that Wei Shihao, who has returned from injury, is sitting on the bench and dyed new hair color, which seems to indicate that he will continue to perform well, dazzling and amazing.




Judging from Cannavaro's starting list, Wei Shihao and Fernando are both sitting on the bench. It is obvious that Wei Shihao, who wants to return from injury, will adjust first and slowly recover his state after the bench. On the other hand, this year's league competition system is different from the past. Evergrande also needs to play steadily and will make adjustments according to the situation on the court. Wei Shihao and Fernando on the bench are the biggest changes.




After the game started, the Guangzhou team obviously took the initiative on the court.




On the other hand, due to the evasion clause, China Fortune's midfielder Goolat could not play. In the first stage of the Super League, Goulart helped China Fortune score 3 goals and 1 assist. His key passes reached 20 times and the pass success rate was as high as 88%. In many games of Huaxia Fortune, Goolat is "both father and mother", not only has to break goals, but also retreat to organize attacks. Many goals in the first phase of China Fortune were planned by Goulart. Therefore, Gao Lat did not play in this campaign, which had a greater impact on China Fortune’s offensive organization. They could not create opportunities through the midfield organization and could only rely on high center forward Malkang to use his personal ability to break through the Hengda defense line. Because of this, Malkon was too tired to play and could hardly run in the second half.

另一方面,由于规避条款,《中国财富》的中场球员古拉特无法参赛。在超级联赛的第一阶段,古拉特帮助《中国财富》打进3球和1助攻。他的关键传球次数达到20次,传球成功率高达88%。在《华夏财富》的许多游戏中,古拉特都是“父母”,不仅要打破目标,还要撤退以组织进攻。古拉特计划了《中国财富》第一阶段的许多目标。因此,高叻(Gat Lat)没有参加这场运动,这对《中国财富》的进攻组织产生了更大的影响。他们无法通过中场组织创造机会,只能依靠高中锋前锋马冈(​​Malkang)发挥个人才能突破恒大防守线。因此,Malkon太累了,无法上场比赛,下半场几乎无法参加比赛。



Without Goulart, China can only launch an offense through a long pass from the backcourt, and their goal came from a long pass. At that time, Ren Hang made a long pass in the backfield, and Malkang used his physical advantage to ferry the header. Yin Hongbo followed up with a volley and scored. The Evergrande team could only accept a 0-1 backward situation in the first half.




One goal behind halftime is unacceptable to the Evergrande team ambitions, and it is also unacceptable to coach Cannavaro. So at the beginning of the second half, he boldly changed four starting players in one go. Wei Shihao, Xu Xin, Fernando and Wu Shaocong all came on the bench. In the end, it was the outstanding performance of the substitute players that helped the Evergrande team complete the comeback.




In the first half of the game, due to the lack of breakthrough and speed on the wing, the Evergrande team obviously lacked ways to attack in positional battle. After Wei Shihao and Fernando two quick horses played, the offensive threat of the Evergrande team was obviously higher, and it was also close to a notch. After wave after wave of impact, China Fortune Happiness couldn't stop it after all. It’s just a surprise that the post-00 teenager Wu Shaocong who helped the Evergrande team equalize turned out to be the post-00 teenager Wu Shaocong. He volleyed with his left foot after receiving a transfer ball from the substitute He Chao on the left. Equalize the score.




After equalizing the score, the Evergrande team became more and more courageous. In the 85th minute of the game, Wei Shihao's active fight in the penalty area forced Zhao Yuhao to kick a foul, and Evergrande won a valuable penalty.




In fact, in the first half, Taliska's shot from outside the penalty area hit Pan Ximing's hand, but the referee failed to award a penalty. And Paulinho was knocked down by Pan Ximing in the penalty area, but the referee still did not say. This time, it was very obvious that Wei Shihao was kicked to the calf by Zhao Yuhao, and the referee finally awarded a penalty. Exxon made a penalty strike, and Evergrande went ahead. In stoppage time, Xu Xin took a corner kick, and Wei Shihao headed the game to seal the victory.




What is gratifying is that Cannavaro's bold half-time adjustment determines the trend of the game. In addition to Wei Shihao and Wu Shaocong both scored goals, Xu Xin sent assists. Although Fernando did not attack and assist, his breakthrough and passing were still very sharp, posing a huge threat to China Fortune's defense.




From an objective evaluation, in this campaign, Evergrande reversed China Fortune, Wei Shihao scored 1 point and 1 goal, plus the injury broke out after a long return to the half, it seems that he deserves the mvp! Yes, this year is the peak period of Wei Shihao's career. It is not surprising to have such a performance, but in the end after team discussion, I want to award the mvp of this ball to teenager Wu Shaocong! How important it is to break the deadlock and equalize the goal of the Evergrande team is self-evident. In addition, after the good performance of the previous game, he won the mvp again. Xiao Cong maintained his state very well during the intermission. The newcomer is indispensable. I hope he will continue to work hard. It's time to take the position. It's time to sit on the main force. Come on!




First, when Evergrande fell behind in the past, Paulinho always stood up! Unexpectedly, this campaign was replaced by the post-00 teenager Wu Shaocong. At the age of 20, he has gradually gained a foothold in the Evergrande team. It is his world wave that helped the Evergrande team equalize the score and stabilize the military.

首先,当恒大过去落后时,Paulinho总是站起来!出乎意料的是,这项运动被00后少年吴少聪所取代。 20岁时,他逐渐在恒大团队中站稳了脚跟。正是他的世界潮流帮助恒大队取得了平均分并稳定了军队。



Second, Wei Shihao, who has recovered more than one round, finally came off the bench in this campaign, and he continued his outstanding performance in the first stage. After playing, Wei Shihao made several sharp breakthroughs on the wing and actively fought to create penalty kicks. In the final stage of the game, he gave another head start. It can be said that Wei Shihao's excellent state will be the most important weight for the Evergrande team on the road to the future championship. This year is indeed the peak year of his career.




Of course, according to the competition system, the first round of the knockout round is a 180-minute game, and after the end of this campaign, only half of the game was played. Next, the Evergrande team still cannot be taken lightly, so as to reach the end.


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