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During the national team match day, Schalke 04 played a friendly match against Paderborn, who has also not won since the start of the Bundesliga. After conceding a goal and Ben Taleb missed a penalty kick, Schalke scored 5 goals to reverse the opponent. Ute performed a hat trick, and Ibisevic and Raman also scored goals. In the end, Schalke 04 defeated Paderborn 5-1 in a friendly match.

在国家队比赛日,沙尔克04与帕德博恩进行了一场友谊赛,帕德博恩自德甲联赛开始以来也没有赢得过比赛。承认球后,本·塔莱布(Ben Taleb)投失一记点球,沙尔克(Shalke)攻入5球,将对手推倒。尤特(Ute)表演了帽子戏法,伊比塞维奇(Ibisevic)和拉曼(Raman)也进球。最后,沙尔克04在一场友谊赛中以5-1击败帕德博恩。

Some players participate in the national team competition, but this does not affect Schalke's lineup close to the league's regular starting lineup. The first half of the game was a formation close to 4141, and the second half was more like a 442. Compared with the large-scale substitutions in the previous friendly matches, Baum’s adjustments in this game were relatively conservative, and only the intermission was performed. Two substitution adjustments were made.


Compared to Skozhbski on the right, Raman on the left is more active in the attack. New aid Ludwig showed a very high desire to participate in the offense in the game, but the degree of tacit cooperation with his teammates needs to be improved. This time the pass from the right should be Ludwig's attack. Raman obviously wanted an advance, but Ludwig passed a kick. Raman couldn't turn around and fell to the ground.


The overall offense on the right side actually didn't show much. On the left, since Ute often moved closer to this side, the offensive threat on the left has always been very high. In the first half of the game, the number of times the offensive Raman was violated and fell to the ground ranked among the top in the team.


In this season's Bundesliga games, Raman made a total of two appearances, one start and one substitute, totaling 71 minutes. Among them, against the Bremen team, he appeared on the team's offensive left. However, in 45 minutes of playing time, he was a bit lost. Only the kick that just started was a bit threatening for 3 shots, and the total of 7 passes was a bit outside the team as a whole.


In this game, Raman, who continues to be placed in this position, can finally show himself. When the midfielder of the team moves closer to this side, Raman will move to the side more, and after receiving the pass, he will either make a short pass or go straight to the bottom to form a cross. It's just that this will require Raman to use his left foot more to complete the final pass, and it will occupy Ochipka's forward space. In this game, such a picture is rare. This was an offense in the second half of the game. Skozhbski and Ute temporarily changed positions. Ochipka's direct pass was slightly stronger, and Raman's final pass attempt was blocked by the opponent.

在这个游戏中,继续处于这个位置的拉曼最终可以展现自己。当球队的中场球员移近这一侧时,拉曼将更多地移至该侧,并且在获得传球后,他将进行短传或直奔底部形成十字架。只是这将要求拉曼更多地使用左脚来完成最后一关,并且这将占用Ochipka的前锋空间。在这个游戏中,这样的照片很少见。这是比赛的下半场。 Skozhbski和Ute暂时改变了立场。奥希普卡的直接传球稍强,拉曼的最终传球尝试被对手阻挡。

In the team's counterattack, Raman is often the team's pass choice after halftime. More often, he is pressing the opponent's back line in the running position, using every inch of space. This time, Ute scored the ball to Raman near the center circle, and the latter cut in front of the penalty zone line and was blocked by the defender.


This time it was the team's counterattack, and Ibisevic gave Raman near halftime. However, this time the counterattack effect was not satisfactory. The opponent's defender basically stood dead, but the offensive reinforcements were delayed. Raman took one step horizontally and couldn't find the catch point, so he could only go all the way to the middle. Wait until the opponent fills up the middle, and then distribute to the teammates on the right.


After waiting for his teammates to plug in and reach the catching position, Raman can often throw the ball on the outside of the instep, and the homeopath will turn in the direction of the middle. After changing to the right foot and then hanging into the penalty area, it can form a more threatening pass. At the same time, Ochipka can also plug in outside. If the route of passing the ball directly to the penalty area is not smooth, it is also a good choice to let Ochipka go to the bottom.


In this counterattack, Raman failed to get rid of the opposing defender, and the first run was also passed. He can only wait until the ball-holding Mascarel is closer to him, and the opposing defensive player needs to focus on the ball-holder before he can make a second move. After receiving the ball, Raman immediately turned around to gain a better view, and gave a ball to Skozhbski who had reached the back point. Unfortunately, such an excellent opportunity was wasted by the latter.


In the second half of the game, Raman also scored a goal. This time the goal is almost the same as Raman's attempt to pass Skozhbski's offensive routine, but it is a flip of left and right. Ute turned around and fell to his left foot in front of the penalty area, and sent a high arc ball with both feet. Raman, who was still on the edge of the screen, was inserted into the penalty area at high speed, and the overtaking defender headed the ball to the back corner. Compared with the half-high ball passed by Raman, Skozhbski needs to always pay attention to the position of the ball while running. This foot ball passed by Ute gives Raman enough time to grab the spot and turn. Turn around and face the direction of the ball, waiting for the ball to fall.


5 :1 victory over Paderborn, after experiencing the Bundesliga's three-game losing streak, Schalke finally won a hearty victory in a friendly match. Ute’s hat-trick is a surprise, and Jonnov and Ludwig, who have recently joined the team, also played well. The dead knots of several lineups before the season seem to have been solved. At present, how to activate Paxencia is the team's top priority. The next round against the Berlin United will be Schalke's best chance to grab points.


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